According to the growth and level of the player/trainee, he/she will be assessed by our coaching panel and alloted into one of the the following programs.


This program is especially designed for those players who are new to the sport. They will taught the basics of badminton such as Basic Gripping Technique, Basic Footwork, Basic Badminton Strokes, Badminton Serve, Basic Stance.

All these basics will be personally taught and monitored by our coaches on a regular basis and any problems or difficulties regarding these basic techniques will be studied and rectified by our coaches ..


This training program mainly includes:

1) Training Yourself to Generate More Power

2) Improving Control of Your Racket

3) Improving Shot Accuracy

4) Learning higher level strategies, techniques and tactics.


In this training advanced badminton skillsets will be taught and worked upon such as crossbehind footwork, chasing method etc. Ideal 4:1 student-to-coach ratio provides an intimate training experience for players of all ability levels to improve their game and become a better player. A clear approach to all Fitness aspects is done like Scientific warm up, post play stretching, agility development etc. and how to become a better competition player through a mix of drills, practice, strategy sessions, match practice and different match situations.


In this training program each Elite level player will be personally monitored by the Head Coach and a program will be designed according to the needs, weaknesses and strengths of the player. One on One customised personal training will be provided to the player in order for the player to reach the highest level in badminton.


Our coaches are also available to provide training to disabled/ handicapped children to fulfill their badminton ambitions and help them develop basics and advanced techniques of badminton.