(1) COURT:

We have 10 BAI approved badminton court available at ACE shuttlers Academy of badminton. These courts have been specifically designed to provide perfect cushioning to the players and provide an injury preventing cushion beneath the mat of the court. The Synthetic Badminton Court Flooring offers unmatched shock absorption, elasticity and stability so that athletes can play hard-level reduction and great style. These courts are regularly maintained and cleaned throughout the day to provide a safe and hygenic environment for the players and coaches to train.


We have ground training facilities available within the campus to provide players with the perfect environment to increase their overall fitness which will enhance their performance on the court. We believe that physical ground training and badminton training go hand in hand to develop the player completely and to enhance his performance in different levels of tournaments.

Different types of physical training are available at our academy such as Crossfit Training, Functional Training, Plyometric training, Strenght training etc. which is done under complete guidance of our coaches.